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Need Training? Or Just Need to Freshen Up a Bit?

Posted on Monday, 30th December 2013 (View Complete News Archives)

If you are in the need for training to become a better virtual airline pilot or you are just in the mood to brush up on some of your virtual professional piloting skills, then Virtual Star Alliance has all the necessary tools and support that you need.

What is Provided?
Private Pilot Oral Exam book (PDF)
Private Pilot video courses (Public Youtube account)
Instrument Rating Oral Exam book (PDF)
IFR navigation book material
Trainer Aircraft (C172) Charts and checklists
ATPL Training Material
FAA Handbooks and materials
Practical Test Standards

To access VSA's training material, and until VSA's new website is up and operational, you will need to register as a website member on VSA's former website.  You will find the website link provided below.

NOTICE:  For any Merlion pilot who is already a member on VSA's former website and still uses the material content inside, you will be required to registered as a new user again.  There has been too many undocumented users signing up on the website lately that I am not sure who they and would like to keep the site exclusive to our members only.  I will be doing a full clean sweep of VSA's members list tonight.

VSA Website Registration Page:

Aaron Essary
Virtual Star Alliance

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