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Posted on Tuesday, 2nd February 2016 (View Complete News Archives)

Unfortunately, many of our staff members resigned as they were too busy to work with us anymore. These are very important staff positions and must be filled as soon as possible to return the VA to normal operations. 

We also need another staff member to manage merlion's relations with other Virtual Airlines (VAs) and Virtual Airline Organizations (VAOs)  

So, the four new staff positions categories open for pilots and current staff members are -

  1. OPD* - Operation Directors needed for Asia (WSSS)   North America (KLAX and CYVR)  Oceania (TBA) and the Indian Subcontinent (OPLA)  6 needed 1 for each hub 
  2. PRD** - Public Relations Director        1 needed 
  3. PSO*** - Pilot Support Officer             6 needed one will be selected as Chief 

The requirements for applicants are -

*OPD Requirements:

  • Minumum 20 flights with merlion OR minumum 50 hours of flight time with merlion
  • Active pilot (atleast 2 30+ min flights) for the last two months
  • Be able to manage pilots, cater to pilot requests and schedule flight routes

**PRD Requirements:

  • Minimum 2 flights with merlion (atleast 30+ minutes each)
  • Be able to co-operate with  other potential VAs or VAOs
  • Have a mic and headset/speakers to use teamspeak3
  • Can help organize events to promote our airline 

These requirements have been put in place to prevent complications we had with former staff members with those roles.

*** PSO Requirements:

  Minimum 2 flights with merlion (atleast 30+ minutes each)

  Are able to help others troubleshoot problems and are able to cooperate with others 

  • Have a mic and headset/speakers to use teamspeak3

 If you are interested to join us and also meet the above requirements please email me your application at

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