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New Staff Positions Vacant including CEO, OPD and PRD

Posted on Sunday, 29th June 2014 (View Complete News Archives)

Unfortunately, 3 staff members (Thomas E - former CEO, Chris M - former NA OPD and Danny F - former webmaster) have resigned from merlion due to the inability to cope with the 'current airline situation'. These are very important staff positions and must be filled as soon as possible to return the VA to normal operations. I am the CTO (Chief Technology Officer) of Merlion so it will not be very difficult to merge the roles of the webmaster onto mine.

We also need another staff member to manage merlion's relations with other Virtual Airlines (VAs) and Virtual Airline Organizations (VAOs) such as Flight Unlimited. This was what Tom has been doing over the last month.

So, the three new staff positions open for pilots and current staff members are -

  1. CEO - Chief Executive Officer*
  2. OPD - North American (Hub: KLAX) Operations Director*
  3. PRD - Public Relations Director**

The requirements for applicants are -

*CEO/OPD Requirements:

  • Minumum 20 flights with merlion OR minumum 50 hours of flight time with merlion
  • Active pilot (atleast 2 30+ min flights) for the last two months
  • Be able to manage pilots, cater to pilot requests and schedule flight routes

**PRD Requirements:

  • Minimum 2 flights with merlion (atleast 30+ minutes each)
  • Be able to co-operate with Flight Unlimited and other potential VAs or VAOs
  • Have a mic and headset/speakers to use teamspeak3

These requirements have been put in place to prevent complications we had with former staff members with those roles.


Please reply to this post - if you meet the above requirements and are interested in 1 or more of these positions.

These positions will be effective right after a staff management discussion we will have soon.

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