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Posted on Friday, 26th September 2014 (View Complete News Archives)

Some of you may know that Merlion is on some social media sites. Why not give us a like and follow us today to receive updates about Merlion and the community! Our twitter is @Merlion_Virtual and our Facebook page is

If you guys rather have an option of receiving monthly newsletter emails subscribe today at to Merlion Monthly Newsletter (I think we should have a better name for that...) If you want to become a writer of our newsletter contact me at '' spots are limited.

Merlion has a store if everyone remembers and hasn't made much sales. We are thinking of making a new store but that will take some time and it depends on how our store right now on Zazzle is going. More shirt options will pop up on the store soon. This is to help pay for hosting and prizes for events! Feel free to buy anything that you like.

We're also starting a small move into the Flight Simulator (FSX) and X-Plane series by creating liveries and integrating our FlightGear ACARS with a ACARS that supports FSX and X-Plane. We are hoping that will increase our active pilots on. The move will start with liveries being made and our FlightGear liveries will be updated from Star Alliance to Flight Unlimited. All simulators will be treated equal, we are open for everyone! 

Some of you may also heard that we have a replacement system going on with our E-Jet Series with A319neo's and possibly 737-800's. We are deciding on how we will handle this situation but the most likely event is that we will keep some E-Jet's up on their routes because of their size and they are not so heavy on our pilot's computer's.

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